With a lot of joy I created this website to share with you the many benefits of yoga and the healing touch. I embraced this two arts with all my heart as it brought a lot of blessings and transformation into my life.I want to inspire you to find the power withing and make the changes you need to live a happier and more fulfilling  life.

During a yoga class or a massage session I also grow and heal with you. It is a beautiful process to find the way back inside your heart , the divine in you. The peace and wellbeing you are looking for is already there. The body speak with us in many ways to get our attention to how we are living our lives, how is our inner dialogue in daily life, our concepts about ourselves and the world. Our work is to silent, to be able to listen what is right for us and constantly let go, open space, for the new ways of being to happen.  There is no strict formula, each human being is an universe, has an unique body, and purpose in this life.

You should find what works best for you.